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TERADON is an MVS utility for moving BCS entries from one ICF catalog to another.  TERADON can perform its function whether the associated datasets are CLOSED or OPEN. The major differences between IBM's REPRO MERGECAT and TERADON are:

  1. TERADON can perform the REPRO MERGECAT process significantly faster.
  2. TERADON can move data set records to the TARGET catalog while the data sets are OPEN.

Major enhancements in TERADON 3.2

  • Support for the z/OS 2.2 64-bit control blocks.
  • Support for the z/OS 2.1 BCS Record Level sharing (RLS) feature
    • As of z/OS 2.1, catalog support for VSAM record-level sharing is provided for user catalogs in a Parallel Sysplex . This is intended to substantially reduce catalog contention and improve performance.  Catalogs using RLS are now supported by TERADON.
  • Automatic monitoring and control of the mirror process
    • Previous versions of TERADON required the user to monitor the status of the mirror process.  When mirroring was no longer needed, the user could disable TERADON.  This is now controlled by TERADON.  TERADON will detect when mirroring is no longer required and will automatically disable itself.

Additional Improvements

  • Support for Multi-Systems. Data sets can now be OPEN on any system within your SYSPLEX.
    • TERADON can now be run on any system within your SYSPLEX.  Commands are issued to start the necessary procedures for each system.
  • Allows all VSAM SHAREOPTIONS. Earlier releases only supported SHROPTS(3,3), (3,4), and (4,3).
    • All VSAM and NonVSAM files are now supported.
  • VSAM files open for LOAD MODE are supported.
  • Provides multiple THROTTLE options to assist with operations.
    • During the REPRO process, each catalog is serialized and catalog requests issued after command initiation will wait. THROTTLE causes TERADON to temporarily release its control of the catalog.  Thus, catalog service requests for other users will be permitted to process.
  • Improved execution time. (Performance information is available upon request.)
  • Combines REPRO (batch) and REPRO (Whileopen) into a single command making the product much easier to use.
    • The REPRO process has been streamlined for improved performance.
    • There is now one REPRO command.  TERADON will dynamically determine when its different system interfaces are required.  This removes the responsibility from the user and puts it on TERADON.